Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop

Learn the industry standard tool for creating rich imagery for a variety of applications including video, print and the web in this comprehensive Photoshop training. Through hands-on practice, you will create, edit and apply special effects to images and text that can be prepared for various uses such as print and marketing materials, presentations, websites, eLearning and digital apps. The course introduces you to the newest techniques and tools used in Adobe Photoshop.

You need to have the following;

  • Basic Knowledge of Windows/ MAC OS X

What you will learn:

  • Using creative tools and new reinvented features of Photoshop CC
  • Understand how to make incredibly real images.
  • Utilize advanced sharpening tools to make images even more breathtaking.
  • Understand features like Image up-sampling, Camera Shake Reduction, Improvements in Properties Panel, Improvement in Camera RAW, Sync Settings and Behance Integration.
  • Grasp different techniques, tips and tricks quickly.
  • Share projects from Photoshop CC with other peers and receiving immediate feedback

You will cover the following;

  • Getting Started with Photoshop
  • Creating Basic Images
  • Managing Selections and Layers
  • Adjusting Images
  • Refining Images
  • Managing Files in a Production Workflow
  • Creating Raster Images
  • Applying Vector Image Tools
  • Applying Advanced Layer Techniques
  • Automating Tasks
  • Editing Video
  • Setting Project Requirements

This course prepares you for Exam Photoshop CC.

How you will be assessed?



7th Feb 2020


7th March 2020


7th September 2020

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