Diploma in Database Administration and Application Development


Diploma in Database Administration & Application Development is a unique program that enables participants to enhance their skills in Oracle Development, Database Administration and System Administration using the Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The program ensures that participants have sufficient time to carry out extensive project work and gain required practical experience. The result is well– rounded graduates who are popular in the IT job market.

The program equips participants with skills and knowledge on how to install, configure, manage and secure the Oracle Database. Once you learn the essentials of administering a database, you can develop advanced knowledge in any of the key focus areas. In addition, you’ll gain core system-administration skills required in Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments.

This Course requires the following

  • Basic Computer Skills or its equivalent i.e. Computer Packages, ICDL, Computer Studies (Form Four Level)

You will learn how to:

  • Configure the Oracle Database for optimal recovery
  • Configure the database instance such that resources are appropriately allocated among sessions and tasks
  • Schedule jobs to run inside or outside of the database
  • Use compression to optimize database storage and duplicate a database
  • Back and recover a database (and its parts) with RMAN (command-line and Enterprise Manager)
  • Use flashback technology to view past states of data and to revert either objects or the entire database back to a past state
  • Use an appropriate and flexible memory configuration for your database
  • Identify burdensome database sessions and poorly performing SQL
  • Automate installations using Kickstart
  • Manage file systems and logical volumes
  • Manage scheduled jobs
  • Access network file systems
  • Manage SELinux
  • Perform troubleshooting tasks
  • Control firewalls


You will cover the following;

  1. Oracle Database 11g: Fundamentals of SQL-learn how to write sub queries, combine multiple queries into a single query using SET operators and report aggregated data using group functions.
  2. Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I- Learn how to Install, Create and Administer the Oracle Database.
  3. Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop II- You’ll learn how to perform backup and recovery, diagnose and repair data failures. You’ll also know how to manage major database components like memory, performance and resources using Oracle Database 11g.
  4. Oracle Database 11g: Program with PL/SQL- You will learn to develop, debug, execute, and manage anonymous PL/SQL blocks as well as stored program units like procedures, functions, packages, and database triggers.
  5. Oracle 10g Reports Developer: Build Reports- Learn to build complex and sophisticated reports from any data source, in any format, using Oracle Reports Developer.
  6. Oracle 10g Forms Developer: Build Internet apps- Learn how to rapidly build scalable, high-performance applications for the Web.
  7. Red Hat System Administration I- This module provides a foundation for students wishing to become full-time Linux system administrators by introducing key command line concepts and other enterprise-level tools.
  8. Red Hat System Administration II- This module goes deeper into enterprise Linux administration including file systems and partitioning, logical volumes, SELinux, firewalling, and troubleshooting.
  9. Data Modeling & Relational Database Designs- This module covers the Data Modeling and Database Development process and the models that are used at each phase of the lifecycle.
  10. Managing Oracle on Linux- This module equips the participant with a firm understanding of the components required to successfully deploy an Oracle 11g database on Oracle Enterprise Linux.

This course prepares you for the following certifications:

  • Oracle Certified Associated (OCA) – (Database Admin)
  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) – (Database Admin)
  • Oracle Certified Associated (OCP) – (Developer)
  • Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) – (Developer)
  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)



18th Jan 2021


10th May 2021


6th September 2021

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