Diploma in Fullstack Development


A Full Stack developer is a programmer skilled in coding both the frontend and the backend parts of a web application.

The frontend: This is the part of the web application that the user sees and uses.

The backend: These are parts of the application that function behind the scenes and execute the commands issued by the user. This usually includes:

  • logical processes
  • database-related processes
  • validation of users
  • server configuration

In this course, we will learn by doing. We will start by learning the major components of web application architectures, along with the fundamental design patterns and philosophies that are used to organize them. You will build and continually refine a fully functional full-stack web application as we progress through the modules in this course. Along the way, you will be exposed to agile software development practices, numerous tools that software engineers are expected to know how to use, and a modern web application development framework.

As a full stack developer is not expected to be an expert in all areas pertaining to the frontends and backends. The individual needs to be knowledgeable in all the technologies involved and should be able to understand the processes happening within the entire application

In the second Semester, Students will specialize using this one standard language from front-end to back-end. They will either specialize in Web, Android, or iOS Development.

At the end of this course, students will be able to develop responsive web and native-style mobile applications with web services support from the back-end and integrate both the front-end and back-end before hosting it on the cloud.

If that sounds overwhelming, don’t worry! You’ll be in good hands; our expert instructors have years of diverse experience in the web development industry and are hand-selected for their ability to help you reach your career goals.

The requires you to have the following;

  1. Before you apply for this course, all you need is a passion for coding.
  2. This course tailored for beginners with a passion for coding, IT Certificate/ Diploma/Degree holders who want to learn front-end, hybrid mobile and back-end development for implementing a multi-platform solution.

Upon succesful completion of the course, you will be able to;

  • Experience designing and programming web pages
  • Extensive experience using multiple standard programming languages
  • Strong understanding of aesthetic and design principals
  • Excellent trouble shooting and bug resolutions abilities
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Evaluation and analysis abilities
  • Strong attention to small details
  • Experience working as part of a team toward a singular goal

You will be able to cover the following;

Common Modules/Languages

  • Introduction To ICT
  • HTML & CSS
  • PHP
  • Node Js
  • Java
  • GIT svn

Option 1.Web specialisation

  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • VUE Js / React Js/ Angular JS

Option 2. Android specialization

  • Android Studio
  • Android Kotlin
  • Submit to Play Store

Option3.iOS specialization

  • XCode
  • Swift
  • Submit to App Store



18th Jan 2020


10th May 2020


6th Sept 2020

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