MySQL Programming

My SQL Programming

This training will help you discover how to use MySQL, a popular choice of database for use in powerful web applications. You will learn the fundamental concepts that a beginner MySQL administrator needs to master.

Follow along as you learn how to install MySQL for the first time. Discover critical concepts for designing a database. Explore how to administer a MySQL database including limiting access, creating users, database backup and performance monitoring as you get ready to take your MySQL skills to the next level.

You need to have the following;

  • Basic knowledge of programming logic

What you will learn:

  • Understanding MySQL architecture and installation of MySQL
  • Learning database design
  • Administration of a database
  • Using indexing for database performance
  • Discover SQL for Developers
  • Understanding query analysis and optimization
  • Setting up replication in MySQL

You will cover the following;

  • Database concepts & RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems)
  • Introduction to SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • Creating ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram)
  • Understanding phpMyAdmin
  • What are MySQL data types
  • Creating and Editing Database and Tables
  • Primary key
  • Foreign key
  • Inserting Data in tables
  • Updating data
  • Deleting data
  • Selecting data
  • Searching for data using SQL Wild cards
  • Using group functions
  • MySQL built-in functions
  • Using table joins
  • Connect PHP with MySQL
  • Insert web page data into database
  • Update data from web pages
  • View dynamic data on web pages
  • How to delete data from web pages

After successful completion of the project, the student will get a certificate from IST to validate their skills.

How you'll be assessed?

Theory 90%
Practical 90%
Exam 90%


7th Feb 2020


7th March 2020


7th Sept 2020


7th Nov 2020

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