Certificate in Cyber Security


This is a certificate course that is fully equipped to build a great foundation full of  Basic skills to any student who want to pursue career in cyber security. All small details left to Hackers in ensuring the safety of our devices and information are covered here. The course is meant to have numerous practical to be done at end of the modules with the guide of  nstructor

  • The student should be computer literate
  • At least completed the high school
  • Should be passionate about cyber security
  1. Introduction to ICT – This module will equip student with knowledge on components of computer system, how computers operate and how to install computer applications since this is a must have knowledge for any aspiring hacker.
  2. Windows operating systems – Windows operating system is widely used in many organizations and hence passionate ethical hackers must learn how windows OS configurations work and how those configurations depend on each other for easy operation of your windows. This will make you now in advanced stage be able to find how to exploit windows OS privileges.
  3. Network fundamentals – Network configuration skill is very essential and hence this module will introduce the student to networks field by covering components of networks, network topologies and how configure the network.
  4. Malware – Hackers are developing malicious software’s to attack organizations. These malicious software’s are the malwares which will be discussed in this module.
  5. Securing web usage – It is always important to establish policies which will protect organizations users on how they interact with the internet when accessing websites. This module covers how establish these policies.
  6. Firewalls – One of the ways in which you can protect users on web usage is by employing a firewall. These firewalls are used to filter the traffic entering or coming out of a company’s network. This module also covers different types of firewalls.
  7. Microsoft windows security principles – Microsoft has security features which facilitate the adequate security to user’s information. These features include smart screen and access control lists. This module discusses these features.
  8. Secure data management and backup – Data backup is a very essential data management policy which each and every organization should embrace. It also helps in data recovery in event where company’s data is compromised and this is what this module entails.
  9. Communication – Communication entails sending and receiving information within an organization via either network. This module will discuss different modes of communication; components involved and how secure the information while in transit.
  10. Programming basic – Any ethical aspiring student should be able to write scripts which can be used to exploit a system. Therefore, this module which equip student with basic programming skills so as to be able to write scripts.
  11. Fundamentals of Linux – The commonly used operating system in vulnerability and penetration testing are Linux. Therefore, this module equips the student on the basics of Linux operating system and makes sure the student is competent in using Linux.



18th Jan 2021


10th May 2021


6th Sept 2021

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